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Happy Birthday, Frida. This Celeb Costumes For You.

Happy Birthday, Frida. This Celeb Costumes For You.

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Celebrities Honor Frida Kahlo with Updo’s, Mustaches and Monkeys

July 6th marks Frida Kahlo‘s birth, and this anniversary puts the famed Mexican artist at 110. During her lifetime, Kahlo’s style was as much of note as her art, perhaps because so often one leveraged the other.

Kahlo created 55 self-portraits (close to a third of her total painting output), and each showcased her powerful individualism, the pride she had in her heritage and her desire to conceal certain parts of her body and reveal others.

In each portrait, her unique sensibility with clothing and accessories is on display. Well after her death, her iconic status continues to thrive and grow.

And if celebrity culture playing dress-up in honor of her is any way of showing the artist’s continued relevancy, Frida will be around forev. Enjoy the homages!

Rebecca Minkoff Goes Full Throttle Frida

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff dresses up for Halloween as Frida and doesn’t shirk on the facial hair. Minkoff is incredibly inspired by the artist’s personal style and shaped an entire runway look after the artist’s ruby red lips and corona of braids.

Icon Meet Icon

If anyone can carry the power and the prowess of Frida Kahlo into the 21st century, it might just be Gwen Stefani. She’s rocked looks that are out there and dare people to snark. But they can’t because she pulls it off so well!

Above is but one iteration of her Frida styling with glorious flowers atop her head and red lips. No mustache here, but there’s always next time.

Kim K Delivers with the Snapchat

In honor of International Women’s Day, Kim Kardashian used Snapchat’s filter to transform herself into Frida with a quick thumb tap. Other choices in the filter suite included Marie Curie and Rosa Parks.

Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine Knows

Monica Belluci appears in stunning photo after stunning photo as Frida Kahlo for Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine. The actress happens to be wearing Dolce Gabbana, but the overall homage is clear.

An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo

That’s the name of the photograph by Yasumasa Morimura, who explores appropriation and gender in his various bodies of work. Pop culture icons and art history greats–all are subject to his made-up musings.

Beyonce Does It Her Way

Halloween provides yet another celeb with the opportunity to get her Frida on. Beyonce got a bit of flack with this getup, but we got nothing but love for it!

The flamboyant dress and butterfly cornucopia atop her head make this a win. Red rouging around her temples and cheeks and the neutral lip–we see what you did, girl.

So Lovely and Fair

Salma Hayek presented as an incredibly lush and carnal Frida. The monkey on her shoulder even screams sexy. How. Is. That. Possible. Gorgeousness will out, we suppose.

As the star of the biopic on Kahlo, Hayek embodied the artist in all her various permutations.

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