Awesome Ink: Ralph Steadman at Work

Awesome Ink: Ralph Steadman at Work

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The current issue of Drawing magazine is all about ink—how it works and how artists today are using it in creative ways. It features a bunch of terrific artists, including Paul Madonna, Mattias Adolfsson, and several others.

But of course there are far more great artists out there than we can fit into one magazine. If I could have picked any one additional ink artist to feature, I might have picked Ralph Steadman, the wickedly funny artist and cartoonist known for his many collaborations with the writer Hunter S. Steadman drew the iconic illustrations for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and he’s also the subject of a recent documentary.

As a quick way to enjoy an artist who gets great mileage out of every little dribble of india ink that comes off his brush, I thought I’d share this video from the Criterion Collection, which shows the artist drawing the title card to the movie version of Fear and Loathing. Nothing too much really going on here; just the fun of seeing a masterful, one-of-a-kind artist working in his distinctive style.

Enjoy. And if you’d like to learn a whole lot more about the different ways you can create art with ink, be sure to check out the spring 2014 issue of Drawing.

Watch the video: Ralph Steadman discusses his childhood and early artworks. (July 2022).


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