Jean Haines 3 Color Flow Exercises

Jean Haines 3 Color Flow Exercises

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“The simple art of applying color to paper is enjoyable when there are no high expectations from the results.”
—Jean Haines

Haines is an author, international workshop instructor and award-winning expressive watercolor artist whose East-meets-West painting style has been exhibited in a number of galleries and collected throughout the world. She shares 3 simple color flow exercises to help you release your inner artist in the FREE download below. (Excerpted with permission from her new book, Paint Yourself Calm; Search Press, 2016).

FREE DOWNLOAD: Jean Haines’ Color Flow Exercises

The “Loosen Up Your Watercolors With Jean Haines” August 2016 Collection, available exclusively at northlightshop.com, includes the following:
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Workout” DVD
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Flowers” DVD
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Animals” DVD
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Mindfulness” DVD
– Jean Haines’ World of Watercolour hardcover book
– Jean Haines’ Paint Yourself Calm softcover book

Watch the video: Jean Haines Testing Green Watercolours. Daniel Smith Watercolour (July 2022).


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